Please read the following Terms and Conditions and if you have understood and agreed, click "Next" at the bottom of this page to register yourself as a Panel member.


Panel members are deemed to be fully aware that this is a consumer panel for the purposes of marketing, psychological and social research. Consumer panel activities are meant to support these activities. Panel members may be invited to participate in various research and investigation techniques or may be called upon to perform these, and are deemed to have fully consented to these research investigations. 

Research Techniques

Research techniques include but not limited to the following: Questionnaire interviews; Observations - covert or overt; Psychological assessment; In-depth interviews, Focus Group Discussions; Mystery shopping; Respondent introductions and any other activities usually associated with marketing, psychological and social research.


Activities may be incentivised via Lucky Draws, Cash payments, Points in exchange for vouchers, Piece-rated payments, Other benefits or none at all, which Forbes Research Pte Ltd may decide from time to time at its sole discretion.

Industries Excluded

If you are working in the marketing, psychological and social research, or advertising industry, you shall not register to be on this panel

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Any Consumer Panel member who are involved in any research activity warrants to maintain confidentiality on information that he or she may be given in the course of those investigations. Panel members are hereby given notice that Forbes Research Pte Ltd owns all copyrights to research questionnaires, methodologies, and information involved in research investigations that Panel members participate in. 


When Forbes Research Pte Ltd initiates a research activity, we would send emails to Panel members mainly via email to the primary email address (which panel members will indicate). Telephone contact may also be used especially for the more urgent assignments. The following steps are usually:

First, an email blast will be initiated to panel members of the profile that suits the particular research (e.g. Females, aged 20-29, etc). The email will contain a screening set of questions to get a more precise target (e.g. coffee drinking habits, lifestyle habits, etc). Panel members will respond by filling up the screener questionnaire.

Second, based on the response of various Panel members, we may screen participants further or make contact with the Panel member to tell him/her more about the study, which may be to answer a detailed questionnaire, or participate in a focus group discussion, or act as a mystery shopper, etc. At this stage, details about the study design and incentives would be made known. Panel members may still opt out at this stage. 

Third, the Panel member participates in the research, and Forbes Research Pte Ltd will validate and quality-controls the participation.

Fourth, the Panel member receives the incentive/s and acknowledges confidentiality and IP.

Paying for Assessments

From time to time, Forbes Research Pte Ltd may develop some instruments and questionnaire for self-assessment (e.g. skills inventories, job-fit assessments, etc.). Panel members may be invited to participate in these surveys if they are interested by paying the requisite fees.

Discretion of Forbes Research Pte Ltd

Panel members may be invited to participate in research-based activities solely at the discretion of Forbes Research Pte Ltd. There is no guarantee on how many or how much incentives monetary or otherwise any panel member may gain in any particular period. Forbes Research Pte Ltd may add or remove panel members at its sole discretion.

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